Join us at #indiemagday 2015 in Hamburg

The above photograph was taken last Sunday at Vagabund Brewery in Berlin, as part of an evening of readings supported by a number of small and independent publishers. Elsewhere editors Paul and Marcel were reading at the event, which was co-hosted by The Pigeonhole, Slow Travel Berlin, and also featured work from the wonderful Readux Books.

As you can imagine, all of us involved with Elsewhere are great believers in independent publishing. We are firmly convinced that not only has the internet opened up new means of publishing, whether online through blogs or via e-books, but also has given a new lease of life to print publishing, giving projects such as ours the opportunity to find an audience that would have been almost impossible even ten years ago.

So when it comes to small presses, independent magazines, and new journals such as Elsewhere, it seems as if we are experiencing something of a golden age even in print, and this Sunday (30th August) we are sure we will experience more of this as we join our comrades and colleagues in independent magazines at the #indiemagday 2015 in Hamburg.

We will be setting up in the “Free Trade Zone for Printed Goods” in Halle 4 at Oberhafen, and we hope that anyone who happens to be in the Hanseatic city this coming weekend will drop by to say hello. We will of course be selling copies of Elsewhere No. 01, as well as some limited edition prints and other goodies. And we can’t wait to meet all our fellow indiemags who will be there to.

More information on #indiemagday 2015 can be found here.

Oh, and if you can’t make it… you can buy Elsewhere No. 01 here.