Postcard from... Schöneweide

From the train station where the tiles crumble to dust and the abandoned shopping trolleys wait at the bottom of fenced-off stairs, we follow the main road parallel to the tracks. This is an anonymous neighbourhood of pre-war residential blocks and offices housing job centres and training academies for bus drivers. The students and the under-employed smoke their cigarettes on the steps as we pass, a light drizzle falling from grey skies.

The streets around here all speak to a romantic past of daring air travel. Sportfliegerstraße. Landfliegerstraße. Pilotenstraße. Segelfliegerstraße. Not far from here was once the Johannisthal airfield. Once graced by the early aviation pioneers the airfield is now a nature park. To the north, where we walk, we have reached an edgeland zone of new construction sites and old red brick industrial buildings, open, grassy wastelands, and large corrugated sheds.

This is our destination. A whirring, cranking, echoing hall. In this industrial zone sandwiched between the railway lines and the main road south, we have come to look at our words and our pictures, laid out in giant sheets as the machines spin and howl around us. Inspect and nod. Press the button and go. Soon we will hold it in our hands, but for now, Elsewhere is printworks in Schöneweide.

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