The Playlist... Cities and Memory for Elsewhere

For the Elsewhere No.02, published in September 2015, we spoke to Stuart Fowkes about his project Cities and Memory. To find out more about the global sound map Stuart has created with the help of hundreds of contributors around the world you will have to pick up a copy of the journal, but for now he has been kind enough to create for us a special playlist to be hosted on the Elsewhere blog:

"This is a playlist I put together to showcase the range of different ways artists have reimagined and reinterpreted sounds. From Istanbul and Hamburg to Morocco and the British Museum, the approaches here vary from techno tracks built out of coffee cups, oral reconstructions inspired by TripAdvisor reviews, deep drone pieces and even full band reworkings of a field recording. It's really the tip of the iceberg though, so my best advice would be to visit the sound map, pick a location and start listening!"